The use of mobile devices and tablets is exploding. In fact, there was an 81% growth in smartphone usage in 2012 and 31% of American adults own a tablet. 

While mobile continues to grow at an amazing rate – legacy web analytics are unable to keep up and provide the detail you need to increase your mobile footprint and interact with mobile customers. Web analytics are great for measuring PC traffic and pageviews, but fall flat when it comes to mobile.

Luckily, we’ve put together a Whitepaper: Web vs. Mobile Analytics- What Web Analytics Won’t Tell You About Your Mobile Customers.

Download the Free Whitepaper and Learn:

  • The difference between web and mobile users.
  • What unique information can be gathered using mobile analytics.
  • How to track vital mobile data such as behavior, identify, movement, and offline usage and then use this information for targeting.
  • 3 critical attributes of mobile users that web platforms don’t tell you.

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