Welcome to Medio the largest provider of predictive app analytics and the leader in driving higher lifetime values from your mobile customers. My name is David Bluhm and I’m Chief Marketing Officer at Medio. I’m here today to talk about a successful mobile strategy and why you need a mobile specific strategy in the first place.

So I’m going to outline the six unique features of a mobile customer that are very different and very unique from online or web customers.

The first reason mobile is unique and different is that mobile is very personal. We view our devices as extensions of ourselves we customize them, we customize the ringtones, we give them unique cases that reflect our personality. Therefore any content, information or communication that is sent to a mobile is seen an intrusion if it is not highly targeted, highly relevant and highly personalized.

The second area of uniqueness is that mobile buying behavior can be very different for mobile users versus web users. Often times, they’re social buying, out with friends, they’re all too eager to download the latest ringtone, their favorite song or their new favorite video. They’re not price sensitive and they’re very spontaneous in their purchasing.

Scenario two, now you’re price shopping or comparison shopping using your mobile device. This has become so prevalent that retailers have now called this ‘showrooming’ and they’re struggling to account for it. So it’s critically important to understand the difference in the buying behaviors of your mobile users.

Third area, user identity. Very difficult to track in mobile. The average US consumer has 1.57  mobile devices. So they’re clearly coming to your store or your brand from a variety of different devices that make it very difficult for you to identify them and keep track of them and highly personalized the content that you return to them. So again, it’s key to understand who that user is and what other touch points they may have had with you from the web or retail store. Taking into account the entire user behavior in addition to their mobile behavior.

Fourth area of uniqueness is really location or more importantly, movement. You want to understand the user’s travel patterns or what geofence they’re in. Having an understanding of their travel patterns, their movements, their location give you an additional opportunity to personalize your content and it’s a huge opportunity with mobile.

Related to location is the fifth area of uniqueness for mobile and that’s really time constraints. Mobile users are busy users they move through their day very quickly and it’s imperative for you to deliver the right content at the right time and make it very easy to access.

The last point of uniqueness, number six, is that you must deliver a ‘wow’ user experience. So the opportunity to deliver a ‘wow’ experience in mobile is really getting all these things right and making sure that you have highly personalized highly targeted content and information available to the consumer on their terms.

So in summary, mobile offers a huge number of challengers but also a tremendous opportunity to deliver a better, more personalized, more targeted user experience.


Uniqueness of Mobile Video Overview from Medio on Vimeo.