Experts project that by 2015, there will be more than 7 billion mobile devices globally. With the explosion of mobile devices, understanding how users interact with your applications or services is a critical component to your mobile monetization strategy and driving mobile usage. This growing mobile trend set the context for an expert panel at the  APPNATION IV  conference discussing the topic “Mobile Moneyball: Leveraging Personalized Content to Drive Premium Monetization”. On the panel was Brian Lent, Medio’s Chairman and CTO, Larry Jordan, Director of Mobile Web for T-Mobile with George Gilbert, Co-Founder and Principal at TechAlpha Partners serving as the moderator. The panel gave expert insight and real world examples into how personalized content and predictive analytics optimize the user experience and mobile monetization.

The panel began their discussion by highlighting the difference between analytics that simply and historically have only provided standard reporting and predictive analytics. Lent highlighted the fact that predictive analytics are a much more dynamic system that provides real-time predictions into consumer behavior and intent.  Larry Jordan of T-Mobile then gave an example of how their ‘data-addiction’ is leading T-Mobile to use real-time predictive models to show people ‘the right content, in the right place, at the right time’. The panel ended their dialogue by highlighting the correlation between effective personalization and an improved customer experience which combine to provide enhanced mobile monetization. Watch the full panel discussion for leading industry advice on how to leverage predictive analytics to develop effective mobile monetization and excellent user experiences.