Measure everything: Moving from “Should we measure that?” to “How should we measure that?”

Current tools around data collection, storage and processing have opened up the opportunity for real time and near-real time analytically driven personalization of user experiences on mobile devices. This personalization can be applied in a variety of ways for such purposes as boosting click-through by intelligently targeting users with contextually relevant advertisements. Personalization can also increase in-application purchases by determining who to make an offer to; this is a critical component given that in-app payments are more profitable than paid apps. The key to success in personalization on mobile is understanding the user as deeply as possible and predicting interests and engagement from that understanding. Rather than relying on blanket statements such as “women like lipstick, and I think […]
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The Era of Big Data: Simply a State of Being

Big Data has become a facet of everyday life whether we are aware of it or not. Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data which are being created from a variety of sources including digital events like Facebook likes and photo sharing to weather sensors to predict hurricanes.  To dive deeper into the Era of Big Data, Medio’s Co-founder, Chairman and CTO Brian Lent participated in an expert panel hosted by the MIT Enterprise Forum of the Northwest to discuss the opportunities and impact created by big data. The panel included big data experts, Paul Sanford, General Manager of Splunk and Stephen Purpura, CEO and Co-founder of […]
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Introducing Clustomers™

As a product or marketing owner responsible for web or mobile applications, you’re monitoring metrics like Daily Active Users, Average Revenue per Daily Active User and Customer Lifetime Value on an ongoing basis, to determine the best ways to engage and monetize your customers.  You may even monitor these metrics by location, by device or by custom segments and funnels that you’ve defined across multiple reports. If you’re doing this regularly, then you know how time consuming and difficult it is to go beyond the high level aggregate counts and determine the most relevant insights that you can use to guide business decisions. The Clustomers feature launched today as part of the Medio inGenius™ suite addresses this challenge: simplifying and […]
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Building a Data-Driven Culture: Changing the Way Insights Drive Company Values

If you’ve read various stories such as The Economist article, “Data, data everywhere”and the MIT Sloan Management Review special report, “Analytics: The Widening Divide,”or possibly McKinsey Global Institute’s report, “Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity,” they’ve likely piqued your curiosity. By now, you may be looking for a better understanding around the importance of data collection – and beyond just collecting the data, how incorporating analytics into your decision making can give you a competitive advantage. But how do you incorporate these themes into the way you do business? To build a data driven culture, you don’t just need to change your own habits about engaging with information; you need to gradually insert the focus […]
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Medio and The Future of Big Data Analytics

“Why I Joined the Advisory BoD of Medio Systems” – Andy Palmer POSTED AT 9:02 AM, MONDAY, JULY 9, 2012 Today, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve joined the advisory Board of Directors of Medio Systems. Over the past nine months, I’ve had a chance to work with Brian Lent, Rob Lilleness and many of the other folks on the team at Medio.  I’ve been approached by dozens of “Big Data” companies over the past two to three years as more people have begun to focus on large-scale database challenges.  Medio is one of the few companies that I’ve chosen to work with directly because they’re creatively tackling some of the most pressing challenges, including: Big Data Analytics […]
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