Why Your Startup Should Invest in Mobile Analytics Early On.

You did it! You left your job working for the evil corporation, got seed funding for your mobile app, and hired some smart people. Now your main focus is launching a successful product into the madness that is the mobile market. If this is your first foray into mobile, it is understood and accepted that the likelihood of success here is slim to none. You should first be launching the app into a test market to learn what needs to change or be adjusted, and not push a half baked app into the major market. What a lot of companies choose to do is launch a beta version of their app into a similar, but smaller market. For US based apps, this is often Canada. Certain app stores will even allow you to target smaller markets than that. Unfortunately, some apps go into this beta without a good analytics solution giving them little to no insight into customer behavior. Without a comprehensive analytics solution there is almost nothing below to the surface they will learn about their users.


But you’re smarter than that. You have a good idea of what you need to learn in your test launch. But as the saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know. By integrating an analytics solution like the Medio Platform early on, you are allowing your app to collect all the info you need but also collect insight into user behavior you might not have known was readily available. You know you need to see your daily average revenue per user and understand how long you can retain your players for. But you might not be thinking about how viral your app is or what common variables frequent churners have. You can easily measure virality with Medio’s K-Invite and with Medio’s Clustomers tool, we give you a deeper understanding of common variables for users with similar behaviors; from quickly churning users to high LTV users.

Learn as much as you can early on to pivot quickly and iterate to success. With Medio’s free 45 day trial, there is zero risk to see how Medio can help your app be a success from day 1.