Predict: Clustomers™

Make prediction part of your strategy with Medio’s Clustomers™ and start anticipating your customers’ needs.  Medio analyzes your users’ activity data and interprets it to identify patterns and predict customer behaviors and actions. Medio then automatically and intelligently creates Clustomers, Medio’s unique method of dynamically segmenting customers.

Clustomers  analyzes attributes or features associated with key user segments and summarizes the most important correlations. You can view all our Clustomer reports by logging into our cloud-based dashboards. Clustomers enables precise targeting of offers, promotions and recommendations with Medio’s 1 to 1 Mobile Marketing products.

Intelligent Segments

  • High Value Users
  • 7 Day Churners
  • Infrequent Users, and more…


Predictive Segments

Clustomers also includes predictive segments, where Medio’s advanced algorithms use historical data and patterns to predict the actions and propensities of users in your application and place them into segments. For example, with predictive segments, you would be able  to effectively target users who are in a ‘likely to churn’ segment with the right content to spark re-engagement.

  • At Risk Users
  • Considering a Purchase
  • Likely High-Value Users, and more…