Architecture Benefits: Cheaper. Faster. Better.

SaaS Deployment

Get up and running in hours as opposed to months. Medio’s platform is entirely cloud-based,  meaning no expensive server-side integration is necessary. Cloud-based deployment means you have access to your dashboards anywhere you have an internet connection and all your data is hosted safely in the cloud.  Instrumentation into the cloud-based platform is simple, quick and almost instantaneous with the Medio SDK.


Always have access to your data- anywhere, anytime. With  99.998% uptime, you will never miss a customer transaction or event. With Medio, you always retain full ownership of your data.


Medio’s advanced architecture has passed stringent security and privacy audits. This means you have the peace of mind you need to concentrate on what’s important: driving higher customer LTVs.

Big Data Experts

Medio is at the forefront of computing. We have the ability to collect, process and analyze extensive amounts of data based on the big data skills and expertise we’ve perfected over eight years. As experts in technologies like Hadoop, MapReduce and streaming databases we’re able to scale to the needs of big data and give you insights into your data that you need to act on it.

Real-Time & Predictive

With Medio, you’re not getting another report. Using our big data expertise, we’re able to provide real-time and predictive analytics and tools. Don’t just look at what happened in the past, mold the future and do business in the present.

Medio’s scalable, cloud-based Hadoop platform currently supports:

  • 1 billion events captured and analyzed daily
  • 3+ billion  recommendations and targeted ads delivered monthly
  • 1.2+ billion  monthly personalized pageviews served on mobile
  • 48+ million monthly unique users in 100+ countries
  • 250+ million  total unique users