Measure & Understand Your Users

Install the Medio SDK directly into your mobile or web application and start collecting data immediately. Your data is funneled into Medio’s cloud based active dashboards so you can quickly learn critical insights about your customers.

You can see the items your customers are currently viewing in addition to the item-to-item correlation, which is based on the purchase history of your customers. This allows for better item recommendations and an improved user experience.

Optimize Based on User Context

Understanding user context, including location and movement,  is critical to fully understanding your users and their behaviors.

With Medio, you see user purchases in real-time by location and item category, giving you a holistic understanding of merchandising trends and the role that location plays in user buying habits.

Take Action

Now that you have a complete understanding of your users, start interacting with them to increase engagement and monetization using mobile recommendations and personalized promotions.

Medio’s Promotion Manager is where you create and deploy real-time promotions to segments of your users, including predictive segments- where Medio’s predictive engines predicts the optimal users for certain content or promotions. You can manually create promotions or have them automatically delivered through an intelligent platform. The Promotion Manager integrates seamlessly with the Recommendation Service and/or business rules.

Do Business in Real Time

The combination of customer understanding and  personalized, predictive action in real-time allows you to conduct business in a way that has never been done.

Using Medio’s revenue dashboards, you can see the number of user sessions (in red), the number of recommendations being shown (in blue), the number of items in ‘shopping carts’ (in yellow),  purchase events (green dots) and revenue all in real-time.

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