Act: 1 to 1 Mobile Marketing Suite


Medio’s 1 to 1 Mobile Marketing Suite creates personalized mobile user experiences to improve acquisition, retention and monetization. Medio reduces churn and increases monetization by targeting users with optimal content that will keep them engaged and increase their lifetime value and loyalty over time. Medio’s 1 to 1 Mobile Marketing includes:

Recommendation Service

Medio uses advanced mobile recommendation technologies to recommend items based on user propensities, metadata, item-to-item associations and popularity models. The Recommendation Service includes complex, multivariate A│B testing and comprehensive performance dashboards to optimize mobile monetization and the user experience.


Medios Recommendation Service uses graph models to understand item-to-item correlations and can visualize real-time recommendation purchases by location and category.

Promotion Manager

The Medio Promotion Manager is your virtual mobile marketing command center where you can rapidly create promotions and track their effectiveness in real-time. Deploy promotions that are designed to retain your most-loyal users or incent your non-paying users to make their first purchase.  Target your promotions effectively by combining specific eligibility criteria with Medio’s Clustomers and analytical targeting.  For instance, target your best retention promotions to your high-value users who are most likely to churn. The delivery of content is analytically targeted to create personalized customer interactions, including presenting content to the right user, in the right place and at the optimal time.


Named after the viral coefficient “K”, K-Invite is the first mobile virality platform for application owners. K-Invite empowers mobile app developers and marketers to create and track the virality of their mobile applications, spurring customer growth across mobile platforms.

K-Invite facilitates one-to-one social sharing between friends via SMS, email, Facebook, and Twitter and allows application owners to reward users for successfully referring their friends.


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