It is a well accepted belief that customer trust is essential to business success. But what some don’t realize is that this belief must be amplified when speaking in terms of mobile. With one small infraction, customers have the ability to remove your business, via your app, from their mobile device. So what are these infractions? What could make your customers distrust you and delete your app from their mobile life forever? Conversely, what should you be doing to build customer trust and retention in mobile? Below is a compiled a list of the top 4 biggest offenses in mobile customer retention and how to prevent them.


1. Spam; the number one offender. What people consider spam has been evolving since the term was coined. What was once an annoyance only in email, is now in SMS and push notification form. If you inundate your customers with push notifications or SMS every day they will no longer trust you and will likely delete your app. This is especially true if you are sending irrelevant, unsolicited messages. Knowing what your customers want must be paramount. Push and SMS should be considered a privilege and must be treated as such. One way to make sure you are building trust with customers is to pay close attention to their needs and provide offers based on on relevant purchase and browsing information.

2. Bad UI/UX is everywhere and the average user is extremely intolerant of it. If your user feels any friction in their experience with your app, they are unlikely to continue to use it. Navigation, content placement, and especially the purchase process should be well thought out. You may have the greatest designer around, but if they aren’t mobile UI/UX savvy, your app could be a disaster. Taking the time and effort to tune your mobile experience properly will make a world of difference to your mobile customers and they will keep coming back.

3. A fragmented experience. Users want to feel connected to your business in the same manner across all devices. Sometimes this can be achieved by a simple login. Other times it’s much more complicated and you need a third party solution to help connect a user’s web experience to their mobile devices. If your customers are having a fragmented experience between web and mobile, it’s unlikely they will continue to come back. Tying a customer together across all devices is a worthy endeavor and frees customers to be device agnostic when interacting with your business.

4. Security. One of the biggest ways to lose mobile customers is by making them question their security when using your app. If you have a simple mobile retail app and are asking a user’s permission to access their microphone or photo library, they are likely to delete your app immediately. Collecting and understanding information about your customer is extremely important, but must be done with tact and in a way that doesn’t break trust with your customer base. Be up front with your customer. Allow them to understand what information you are looking for and why. Simple notifications like “allow us to use your location data to provide special offers and discounts” can go a long way in building trust with your mobile users.

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