E3 is the world’s largest video game conference and even though PS4 and Xbox One have garnered a lot of press attention there is another trend that could be even more important in the coming years. The focus on mobile throughout E3 hasn’t been as sensational as other gaming news, but it will most likely have a longer lasting effect on the video gaming industry. For example the introduction of M.O.J.O, a smartphone like device that enables users to play mobile games on TVs at no addition cost, is adding to the popularity of mobile gaming. Additionally, there have been several games announcing a move to mobile including ‘Trials Frontier’ which is the first Trials release on mobile.

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With the rise in smartphone and tablet ownership, mobile is rapidly changing the face of gaming. On a weekly basis, 53% of gamers use their mobile devices while 42% play on the consoles. With this shift towards mobile gaming, companies need to consider the unique features and opportunities of mobile that can influence game monetization and profitability.

When it comes to analytics and revenue, mobile gaming is an inherently different model than console gaming. If gamers are increasingly turning to smartphones and tablets to play, then game developers need to be thinking of new ways to monetize users within the game through in-app purchases, cross-sell, up-sell and cross-game promotions. In order to have the ability to the effectively monetize users through these strategies, game developers need to ensure that they are using the right mobile analytics. The right mobile analytics will enable you have both customer understanding and the tools you need to take action and on those understandings in order to maximize mobile game revenues.