Seattle-area entrepreneurs who want to launch products at upcoming DEMO events have the opportunity to pitch to their ideas to Madrona Venture Group next Tuesday, June 21. Ten companies will be invited to present next week to a group that includes partners at Madrona Venture and Maveron, as well as VentureBeat editor Matt Marshall. Interested parties can sign up here.
T-Mobile is moving full speed ahead, doubling the speed of its 4G HSPA + 42 network in 41 new cities, and bringing total coverage area up to 96 cities. The list of cities with access to the upgraded network (bumped up from 21 megabits per second to 42Mbps) includes Santa Fe, N.M.; San Antonio, Texas; and Colorado Springs, Colo. T-Mobile is working to upgrade its entire network within the next year, and anticipates that 150 million Americans will have access to the faster service by mid-2011.

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