Medio Systems Inc., which launched a customer retention platform last month, has since surpassed 2.5 million daily unique users. Data captured from that use is generating more than 200 million analytic log events per day and more than 250 million personalized page views per month on mobile devices, the company said.

“With the explosion of new mobile services and digital content, there is a need for analytics to understand customer preferences and desires as an essential component of consumer satisfaction,” CEO and president Rob Lilleness said.. “To that end, we are building one of the largest data sets on consumer engagement, retention and monetization in the mobile ecosystem. This creates additional revenue opportunities for mobile operators, OEMs and publishers.”
Medio has delivered more than 5.5 billion recommendations and served more than 5 billion personalized page views so far this year. Medio’s daily unique user traffic has grown tenfold in the past year, Lilleness added.

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