Seatte, WA - The millions of T-Mobile USA subscribers enjoying a wide variety of mobile content through the popular t-zones portal can now find exactly what they want more quickly and easily. Medio has deployed a new search system for T-Mobile that presents subscribers with the most relevant results, including access to CallerTunes®, myFaves℠ content, HiFi Ringers®, local business listings and selected web pages, all through a search box prominently placed at the top of t-zones pages.

The enhanced T-Mobile search service is supported on currently available phone models, as well as on many older phones. Key enhancements to the service include:

  • Recommendations — presenting subscribers with related items they otherwise may not find in the catalog for ringtones, wallpaper and games.
  • Improved Local Business listings — searching by area code in addition to zip code and city names; searching by business name; and allowing users to browse categories of listings related to a query
  • More specific T-MobileWeb results — sports scores, movie times, stock quotes, flight times, weather and news are all easier to search and discover.

“Working with Medio enabled T-Mobile to deliver the search solution we had envisioned, providing our customers with an interface to easily access the content and information they want,” said Kyle Levine, Director of Product Marketing and Business Development at T-Mobile. “We look forward to delivering world-class solutions to our customers through our partnership with Medio.”

“T-Mobile’s passion to continually improve the customer experience drove aggressive timelines for launching improved search services,” said Brian Lent, President and CEO of Medio. “These customer-centric motivations demanded the Medio team move quickly to deliver a solution. Together we were able to launch the search service within 90 days from the first kickoff meeting.”

Medio’s mobile search and merchandising solution will help T-Mobile’s customers more easily find mobile content by enhancing these customers’ search experience, thereby resulting in fewer clicks to reach a desired result and higher overall satisfaction among T-Mobile’s data services customers.This analytics- driven system utilizes new data-centric techniques to determine user intent.As a consequence, T-Mobile customers engaged in a search will receive exposure to increasingly popular types of content, including CallerTunes (ringback tones), games and wallpapers, and will discover the depth and breadth of the t-zones catalog.For example, a customer searching for a Nickelback ringtone will learn about every available Nickelback ringtone, CallerTune, wallpaper and news item that can be played or displayed on that customer’s handset.The search results that are obtained are sorted not only by content type, but also by popularity. Moreover, in a step beyond traditional search engines, the search additionally will return related content, such as ringtones from groups with a similar style (e.g., Soundgarden, Hinder), which may appeal to Nickelback fans.

T-Mobile’s implementation of the broad and comprehensive mobile search solution sets a new standard of service for wireless subscribers.