Here at Medio we’re excited to announce the release of Promotion Manager, a tool that enables marketers to rapidly create and target promotions to their mobile customers. Promotion Manager is part of the 1 to 1 Mobile Marketing Suite, which allows you to effectively measure your customer data, view predictive segments and easily take action on your insights.  Built in an easy-to-navigate interface, Promotion Manager uses our analytics engine to track and display your promotions’ effectiveness in real-time.

We’re also releasing new versions of our SDKs with APIs for retrieving promotions and logging your customers’ interactions. The new SDKs are easy to integrate into your existing applications and the simple APIs allow you to start using Promotion Manager with just a few easy steps.

Check out our veteran Product Manager, Jeremy, demo the ease and functionality of Promotion Manager in this short video.



With Medio’s Mobile Marketing Suite you can effectively measure your customer data, view predictive segmentation and easily take action on those insights.

 Our comprehensive dashboards display user metrics in an easy to navigate interface. You can view engagement metrics such as total sessions to retention metrics like monthly active users; you can also filter the data through multiple dimensions like application, country, platform and time.

 Once we measure your data, we use our predictive analytics to intelligently segment users into Clustomer groups. Here you can view intelligent segments like frequent users in addition to predictive segments like ‘users who are likely to churn’.  In this segment you can surface insights like users who speak German are 28% more likely to churn.

 Now that you are armed with insights from your data, it’s time to take action! Medio’s Promotion Manager is a great way to create promotions, target them effectively using our market-leading predictive analytics then track their effectiveness in real-time. The simple tools allow you to create new campaigns and track active or historical campaigns.

To get started, just choose a promotion name and description, then select where you want to show your promotion and who it goes to. This is where you can filter by Clustomer group and other advanced dimensions. I am going to choose ‘likely churners’ and specifically target German speakers because they have a 28% higher likelihood of churning.

 Next, you determine the destination, scheduling, and values of your promotion. Lastly, save your promotion, start your campaign and begin tracking its performance.

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