Seattle - Medio, the leading provider of mobile search and advertising solutions, announced today the launch of the Medio On-Device Portal (ODP), the first consumer “search-and-discover” experience, embedded on the handset and created specifically for mass-market mobile phone users. The Medio ODP gives mobile users one-click access to mobile content including real-time news, sport scores, weather, flight status and local directory information. With an open-platform architecture, the Medio ODP also enables operators to customize their portals with the content and services to quickly respond to the need of subscribers. The Medio ODP is available now on T-Mobile USA’s t-zones®, and is pre-loaded on the Nokia 6263 and Motorola RAZR II phones, with additional devices expected to follow in Q1 2008.

Medio’s On-Device Portal makes it easier than ever for consumers to search and browse for information on-the-go and to customize their mobile devices.With an intuitive graphical user interface and a single, universal search box at the top, mobile users can now easily find, preview and purchase downloadable content including wallpapers and ringtones. They can also search for real-time information on-the-go, such as weather, news, sports scores and local directory listings. One-click access, ringtone previews, a popularity-based predictive dictionary and educational tutorial make mobile portals easier to use than ever before.

“While smartphones are popular, it is easy to forget that 89 percent of U.S. subscribers are still using ‘feature phones,’” said Brian Lent, CEO of Medio. “These phones typically retail for less than $100 and are not optimized for mobile content consumption and internet connectivity. For these feature phone users, finding content on their device has often been a frustrating process. Now, with the Medio On-Device Portal, in just one click consumers can quickly find exactly what they are looking for and discover personalized content driven by our recommendations technology.”

Features of the new Medio ODP as featured on T-Mobile® t-zones include:

  • All-in-one portal — search and browse for millions of items of downloadable content and information from one application.
  • Ringtone previews — listen to ringtones before purchase.
  • Popularity-based predictive dictionary — as users type, the ODP suggests search terms based on 3,000 of the most popular searches by other users.
  • Rich, zero-latency graphics — virtually no waiting for images and WAP pages to download.
  • One-click access — just click the t-zones button or soft key to launch the t-zones portal.
  • Educational graphics — learn more about new features while searching and browsing the t-zones application.

“This new version of t-zones is a breakthrough experience that helps our customers access content even easier on their T-Mobile phones,” said Warren McNeel, Vice President of Product Development and Product Architecture, T-Mobile USA.”Medio’s application and platform enables us to deliver a new, rich t-zones experience to a significant portion of our device line-up this year.”

Engineered and optimized for mass-market phones, the Medio ODP is operating-system independent, requires little memory capacity and can be pre-loaded on almost any data-capable phone. Plug-and-play technology enables operators to deliver timely, relevant content through seamless integration with content providers, while providing an intuitive gateway to mobile information for consumers.

The Medio On-Device Portal on T-Mobile t-zones:

“Medio’s cloud-based, predictive analytics platform was built for Big Data, location-aware services, and connected devices.” said Medio CEO Robert Lilleness, “Our platform will provide Rovio the tools to make real-time product changes that optimize game play, fan satisfaction and revenue. In this fast-evolving market, the players that get Big Data will win, and those that don’t will disappear.”

About Medio

Medio delivers best-in-class mobile search and advertising solutions, helping mobile operators and publishers to offer the best customer experience and advertisers to reach their target audiences. Created specifically for mobile, Medio Mobile Search combines an intuitive, effortless user interface with powerful recommendation and personalization technologies. Medio’s search platform has been adopted by leading U.S. and international operators and publishers, including T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless, Telus, T-Mobile International, CBS and ABC.

Using the precise targeting capabilities of the mobile search platform, the Medio MobileNow Search Advertising Network enables advertisers to identify and reach audiences that are interested in what they are selling—at just the right time—to achieve the best results for their campaign. Through Medio’s unique partnerships with mobile carriers and publishers, ads are integrated into the consumer mobile search experience where increased relevance drives maximum response.

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