New Mobile Acquisition Solution Unlocks the Virality of Mobile Applications

SEATTLE, May 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Medio, the leader in optimizing the acquisition, retention and monetization of mobile users, today announced the launch of K-Invite™. Named after the viral coefficient “K,” K-Invite,, empowers mobile app developers and marketers to create and track the virality of their mobile applications, spurring customer growth across mobile platforms. The net result is higher quality installs at a fraction of the cost charged by traditional ad networks. K-Invite is the first platform of its kind to address the unique challenges of driving and tracking virality on mobile.

K-Invite facilitates one-to-one social sharing between friends via SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter, and allows application owners to reward users for successfully referring their friends.

“The economics of acquiring users from traditional ad networks is no longer sustainable,” said Rob Lilleness , chief executive officer at Medio. “With K-Invite, we’re taking full advantage of the lessons we’ve learned on social platforms to create a viral growth mechanism for our customers. By leveraging your network of existing users to acquire new customers, K-Invite helps solve some of the biggest issues developers face today: dwindling ad network inventory, cost-prohibitive pricing and lack of scale.”

“Attracting high-quality, loyal users is a major driver towards success for any mobile app,” said Patrick McGrath , senior product manager at PopCap Games. “K-Invite’s unique approach to user acquisition allows game developers to focus on creating compelling viral hooks in games, giving the industry more options than the traditional ad network route.”

To celebrate the public launch of K-Invite, Medio is offering 2,500 free end-user app referrals or downloads each month to the first 50 app developers who integrate the K-Invite SDK.

“Virality is quickly becoming a must-have channel in the marketing mix for mobile app developers and marketers,” Lilleness continued. “However, the ability to create and track the virality of mobile apps has been nonexistent until now. With the social nature of apps, we believe K-Invite will quickly become the preferred solution to win new users on mobile.”

For more information about K-Invite and how it can be leveraged to drive viral adoption of mobile applications, visit In addition, a video illustrating K-Invite’s benefits for app developers and marketers can be viewed at

About Medio

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