Los Angeles, CA - February 5, 2007. Amp’d Mobile, the pioneer of fully integrated mobile entertainment, today announced that it has partnered with Medio, Inc. to launch a new search application designed to deliver an unprecedented user-friendly search experience to its users. Amp’d and Medio are also simultaneously deploying targeted mobile search advertising, which enables direct response advertisers to reach subscribers with relevant and immediate messages based on search queries.

The new deployment, which will launch in the first quarter of 2007, combines an intuitive and effortless user interface with powerful recommendation and personalization technologies. The new functionality will provide the Amp’d subscriber base with a search experience that will predictively aid their search for content and information. Designed for speed and efficiency specifically on the mobile platform, users will be able to find what they’re looking for, often within two clicks or less.

“Traditional search functionality in the mobile industry proves frustrating to most cell phone users because it can be clunky and slow, and then not even deliver helpful results,” said Mike McSherry, senior vice president of emerging technologies for Amp’d Mobile. “With more than a million pieces of content available to Amp’d subscribers, these newly enhanced search capabilities, courtesy of our partnership with Medio, will greatly improve user access to the entire spectrum of our content.”

As the only fully-featured 3G mobile entertainment company providing the hottest in music, video, games and more, Amp’d subscribers flock to the content-rich experience available only on Amp’d Live. The average Amp’d user pays $30 per month in content and data, with an amazing 60% of that exclusively accounting for content purchases. (The industry averages $6.80 for data, and 25% of that is usually content-driven revenue)

In light of the heavy data usage and purchasing behavior among Amp’d Mobile users, the company has been working with Seattle-based Medio for several months to design a unique search offering that would result in faster discovery, real time indexing, and personalized and relevant content. Medio’s search solution is integrated into the unique Amp’d live User Interface and searches all music artists, ringtones, wallpaper, and games in the huge Amp’d content catalogue, in addition to searching the mobile web, and providing relevant paid listings. The application introduces a unique search interface and supports all Amp’d phones.

“We’re confident this will be among the world’s best mobile search and advertising applications when it launches this spring, and believe Amp’d and Medio are setting the standard in providing a high quality mobile search experience for consumers,” said Michael Libes, Chief Architect of Medio, Inc. “We look forward to maturing this partnership by integrating effective and targeted mobile search advertising that benefits the end user with the most relevant and immediate answers while enabling advertisers to reach qualified audiences on the mobile phone.”

The new Amp’d Search application instantly presents search results for subscribers as they tap out their search query while predictive algorithms draw upon hundreds of thousands of likely results to locate content quickly and easily. An intelligent recommendation engine provides relevant choices to Amp’d subscribers by pointing out similar content that other customers have already selected or purchased, enabling speedy access to the rich selection of entertainment content available on Amp’d Live.

About Medio

Medio, Inc. is a leading provider of mobile search and mobile advertising solutions. Medio’s innovations combine the latest in patent-pending search, personalization, recommendation and advertising technologies with advanced data mining and analytic techniques to deliver highly relevant and personalized answers to each mobile subscriber.

Medio partners with mobile operators, handset OEMs and MVNOs worldwide, providing search, mobile advertising and merchandising systems designed to give each operator control over its content and advertising ecosystems. Medio’s solution optimizes on- and off-deck results, with the twin goals of maximizing data revenue and ensuring a quality user experience. For more information, visitwww.medio.com.

About Amp’d Mobile

Amp’d Mobile is the first integrated mobile entertainment company for youth, young professionals and early adopters, and the only 3G carrier in the US specifically targeting that demographic. By leveraging the power of broadband wireless (EVDO), Amp’d Mobile offers traditional services such as voice and text within a completely fresh user interface designed specifically for the mobile graduate and third-generation (3G) technology. With a myriad of customizable options to meet each person’s individual needs, as well as strategic alliances with top entertainment properties, such as MTVN and Universal Music Group, Amp’d Mobile brings a more relevant, personal experience to the wireless lifestyle with unique music, video, community, entertainment, sports and gaming offerings divided into various channels for quick and easy access. Amp’d Mobile is offered nationwide and more information can be found at http://www.ampd.com.